BY: LISA DORFMAN, COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES CHAIR I had the joy & privilege of speaking with Ahmed Chaloob, our first Iraqi CR, and a native and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Mississippi State University (MSU.)  Ahmed is a graduate of University of Bagdad, University of Baghdad / College of Agriculture / Dept. of Food science. He arrived in the US 3 years ago first adjusting to American life  Arkansas Food Science Department, then Texas Tech in hospitality and nutrition finally arriving where Mississippi which offered him the best opportunity to study his passion, receptor genes. It’s hard not to ignore the political issues which have been amplified to the world when speaking with Ahmed about Iraqi food, diet and overall health. Just in case you didn’t know, in 1990 Iraq was led by Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait, & t set off the Gulf War. Fifteen member countries of the United Nations Security Council agreed to stop trading with Iraq. Their hope was if they stopped trading with Iraq, Saddam Hussein would feel pressure to cooperate with the other countries of the world. Because of the sanctions, no food was allowed to be imported into Iraq. The consequence was lack of food, especially […]

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