We have the following leadership opportunities available starting in June 2019 for 2 year appointments to the Leadership Team.

If you want to connect with IAAND members worldwide with a passion for working with children and their families consider applying to be the new KERI Coordinator.

Overview of KERI Coordinator Position:

The KERI Coordinator leads the Kids Eat Right International initiative. They are the spokesperson for its efforts. They promote and organize volunteer activities and manage KERI grants.  Usually takes an average of 3-5 hrs per month.


If you want to hone your marketing skills and connect with potential IAAND members about what is most important to them, then consider applying to be Membership Chair.

Overview of Position:

The Member Services Chair oversees new and dropped member communication, recruits new members, advocates for IAAND, updates/edits member benefit and recruiting materials (online and printed), updates/edits member surveys, participates in IAAND board teleconferences/meetings as often as possible, participates in international meetings when IAAND has a table and as time and resources permits.  Takes an average of 3-8 hours per month.

If you want to develop marketing skills and expand contacts with industry then consider applying for Fundraising Chair

Overview of Position:

The Fundraising Chair submits ideas for Program of Work and budget requests develops the annual budget, works with sponsors to find opportunities for them to connect with IAAND members. They serve as an appointed non-voting officer of the Leadership Team directly responsible to the Treasurer.  Takes about 4-12 hours per month.


Apply using on-line application or contact ncc@iaand.org