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We have a new opportunity for 3 mini-grants that support KERI in middle eastern countries.


Application deadline: soon more details!


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  • The Kids Eat Right International Campaign will support public education and programs that address the health concern of overweight/obesity among many of the world’s children.
  • The Kids Eat Right international campaign will provide members with resources that are international in scope. Through dissemination of these resources, campaign volunteers will be recognized leaders in childhood obesity prevention within their countries and will raise awareness among national populations of the need to help children meet their energy and nutrient requirements.
  • Consistent with the Kids Eat Right national campaign, all international campaign actions will aim to achieve our goals to:
    • EDUCATE key audiences about the necessity of a quality diet and the consequences of poor nutrition;
    • ADVOCATE on behalf of a quality nutrition approach to promote growth and development; and
    • DEMONSTRATE the food and nutrition expertise of registered dietitians (or similar professionals in another country) through educational programming and advocacy.

Want to learn more about Kids Eat Right? Check out the Academy member website and the Academy public website for articles, tips, toolkits, recipes and videos! There are also scholarship and grant opportunities – click here for more information.

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KERI in Jordan — KERI Mini Grant Awardee, Tatyana Kour, 2018

KERI in JordanHealthy Breakfast Everywhere You Go for Teens- 

English Version

KERI in JordanHealthy Breakfast Everywhere You Go for Teens –

Arabic Version