Purpose: Provide 3 mini grants ($500 each) to 3 IAAND members for their adaptation and translation of a KER Toolkit (1 presentation and related handout not already available in spanish).

Qualifications: 1) a KERI member, 2) an IAAND member, 3) From or currently living in a Spanish speaking country


Application deadline: May 15, 2019

Announcement of winners: June 1, 2019

Adaptation and translation deadline: September 30, 2019

Translation approval certification deadline: November 20, 2019

Create a short document highlighting your experience with the mini grant: December 30 2019

Grant Details:

  1. Awardee will identify a KER presentation and related handout that they would like to translate and adapt for their community.
  2. They will then verify the accuracy of their adaption and translation (a portion of the awarded mini grant money may go to this; price is country-dependent – this entire procedure must be completed by the awardee)
    1. Find a local person who can confirm appropriate and accurate adaptation and translation of your toolkit.
    2. On a document, get this professional’s signature, profession, and how they confirmed the adaptation/translation to be appropriate and accurate.
    3. When submitting final draft of adapted and translated toolkit to KERI, also submit the document with translation approval.
  3. Share the presentation/handout within your community.
  4. Share with IAAND your experience prepping and using the materials within your community and how others could benefit from your work.

For questions, please contact Jamie Wise, KERI Coordinator, at