Marta works as a media specialist maintaining libraries and researching various subjects. She also runs a part-time nutrition consultation practice. In addition, she facilitates edible gardens in schools. Students are given the opportunity to learn about nutrition and simple cooking with hands on experiences making positive changes for themselves and their families. What are some country health issues impacted by nutrition? Top nutrition-related health issues in Italy include obesity, cardiovascular disease, celiac disease and thyroid disease. Lifestyle is becoming more sedentary, ordering take-out more frequently (average  once per week), grocery shopping online, and choosing more energy-dense foods high in calories and saturated fats. While childhood obesity has stabilized at 5% the percentage of overweigh youth has climbed to 45%. Adult obesity has climbed and currently sits around 10% while 40% of the adult population is overweight. Thyroid disease is on the rise especially among females and in the past was linked with distance from the sea for lack of iodine in the diet. What nutrition trends have you seen in Italy? Nutrition trends include gluten-free, yeast-free and Paleo diets. Rather than following “fad diets”, most look for nutrition advice from experts. For weight loss and nutrient density, people also like […]

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