By Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, LMHC, FAND, CR Chairperson

This medical doctor is one step ahead in her native country of Dominican Republic (DR). With a passion for nutrition and only a class offered in her medical program, Dr. Jaquez took an extra year to obtain a specialization in clinical nutrition and quickly after graduation joined the Academy and IAAND to be connected to the global nutrition experts. Honored to have this MD join our ’17-’18 president Marianella Herrera MD as a progressive doctor who understands the impact of nutrition on health, wellness and disease prevention.

Meet Dr. Anayanet Jaquez

Surrounded by family and friends, Anayanet practices medicine at the Instituto Materno Infantil San Martin de Porres and Centro Cardiorenal del Cibao. She teaches nutrition at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM); is a member of the Dominican Society of Nutrition and guides young dietitians pursuing a degree in nutrition, which started about three years ago. A guitar player a daily exerciser, Dr.Jaquez focuses her nutritional attention to patients challenged by hospital malnutrition. She worked directly with the government-assisted program, which provided enteral and parenteral feeding donations to patients in hospital settings. A leader by nature, she serves as General Secretary of the Dominican Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (SODONEP) and is the Coordinator of research for Nutrition in PUCMM.

Country Health Issues Impacted by Nutrition

“Mal” Nutrition, poor eating habits leading to a rise in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and inflammatory diseases. Kids need and want to get healthier, but chips, soda, pizza is abundant, and options are limited. There are no food stamp programs, no government assistance programs except during election times.

Opportunities & Challenges in Dominican Republic Dietetics

With about 20 dietitians total in the DR, there are limited opportunities for dietitians except in hospital setting. There are very little opportunities in sports, private practice or public health although some consult in these areas.

What are Dominican Republic foods, seasoning, rituals and recipes special to you?

Sunday meals are always special, but the traditional everyday meal is the combination of rice and beans with a portion of meat commonly chicken. Mangu is a common staple consisting of mashed green plantain with olive oil or butter (it can be found at any time of the day but mostly breakfast or dinner) and the traditional Sancocho, a heavy stew afforded and enjoyed by all.

What does Dr. Jaquez enjoy most about being a member and CR of IAAND?

Dr, Jaquez sees IAAND as a great opportunity for knowledge, exchanging ideas and learning how each CR makes a difference in their own individual countries.

She Lives by the Belief:

“Everyone needs and deserves a nutritious diet which should be available to all people regardless of socioeconomic or educational status.”


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