Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation IAAND International Project Award

Through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

International Award
Award amount: $3,000

CLOSE DATE:  February 10, 2019 at 11:59 pm CT

The purpose of this fund is to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and skills among food and nutrition professionals in the international community. An award will be given to IAAND members who intend to work in partnership with another food or nutrition professional on a project that will benefit the local community of one of the individuals.


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Call for Concept Papers – IAAND Funded International Project


IAAND is now accepting concept papers for funding support for a research or a project. The research or project should related to nutrition and/or health promotion in diverse populations, be conducted by IAAND members in collaboration with other IAAND members and/or organizations, and to be conducted during the 2019 – 2020.

Concept paper should be up to two pages long and include time -line and budget outline.  Concept papers can be submitted for two different potential funding levels, small projects $2,000 and larger projects up to $10,000.
A primary focus of IAAND based on following vision and mission statements of IAAND (2019) is to promote and support initiatives related to nutrition and health promotion in diverse populations conducted by IAAND members in collaboration with other IAAND members and/or organizations:
2019 IAAND Mission and Vision:
Empower members through professional development and promote international collaboration in the global nutrition and dietetics community.
A future where there is a global community of dietitians engaged in food and nutrition related initiatives with diverse populations.
IAAND may develop international projects to support this focus. The International projects overall objectives are:
          1.  Professional Development
     To empower IAAND members through training and professional development as a part of a project or research.
          2.  Research:
     To encourage, promote and support involvement in practice-based research.
          3.  Collaboration
     To encourage, mentor and facilitate international collaboration in research among IAAND members and external organizations such as Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and AND Foundation.
         4.   Advocacy
     To advocate for dietitians and nutritionists contribution to nutrition promotion of health.
Concept will be evaluated on clarity of aim, appropriateness of methodology and measurement of outcome and alignment with IAAND priorities.

After the concept has been reviewed and support by the Board of Delegates, the full proposal will be required. This full proposal must be submitted by a future deadline for external peer review.

Please submit your concept paper and any questions to
Submission deadline is March 8, 2019