IAAND Initiatives

Save the Date For FNCE 2023

October 07 – 10, 2023 in Denver, Colorado, USA

Kids Eat Right International (KERI)

The Kids Eat Right International (KERI) campaign is a global initiative providing resources and advocacy to tackle childhood obesity, educating key audiences about proper nutrition, promoting a quality diet approach for growth and development, and highlighting the expertise of registered dietitians through educational programming.

Middle East Dietetics and Nutrition Assessment (MEDNA)

Led by Dr. Rubina Hakeem, this project utilized LinkedIn and an online survey to assess the needs of dietitians in the Middle East, providing insights into their education, practice, and areas for potential collaboration, ultimately leading to the conceptualization of two follow-up projects.

IAAND Diversity Project

The Diversity Project is an initiative by the International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (IAAND) to develop a short online training course aimed at enhancing cultural competency and humility among nutrition and dietetic professionals worldwide, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and equipping them to effectively incorporate cultural humility into their practices to achieve positive health outcomes across varied cultural contexts.

IAAND and GMIG Collaboration

IAAND and the GMIG share the goal of providing professional development and collaboration for helping dietetic and nutrition professionals interested in humanitarian and malnutrition issues in countries outside the United States.