2020 IAAND Election Results

The Nominating Committees of IAAND are pleased to report the outcome of the 2020 national election. The following individuals have been elected from among many excellent candidates. The committees thank you for your support of the nomination and election processes.

Congratulations to the newly elected IAAND Board of Directors!

Also, we have 2 more positions available in the leadership team. Click to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfKwZ8bSkdGOjLkbDTf3m923lL6B7iakPEEEgTI02cTCYjx6A/viewform
Deadline: April 13th 2020


We are pleased to see so many of you are interested in volunteering and learning more about affiliate leadership roles.    We have many projects and committees, both of which are a great way to start becoming more involved with IAAND.  If you are interested in volunteering or would like to be considered for a Leadership Team position please contact our Nominating Committee Chair.