Nutrition and Dietetics Association in Philippines

26-28 Feb 2020

Manila, Philippines

Please plan to attend the pre-conference workshop offered by IAAND


Title: Ready to be a Social Media Savvy RD? The secrets to building your Social Media Nutrition Brand


Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, CCMS, LMHC, FAND, The Running Nutritionist®

Sylvia Klinger, DBA, MS, RD, LDN, CPT, Hispanic Food Communications, Inc.


Over 2 billion people are on social media. Most individuals devote nearly 2.5 hours to it each day. Marketing over-saturation has made consumers skeptical, forcing them to seek recommendations and advice from those they already know and recognize on food, fitness and health, some of the most popular topics on social media channels according to recent marketing trends. Participants will learn how to create a nutrition professional brand and image for themselves, develop a strong platform presence; learn how to navigate each one of the eight most popular platforms; understand when, how to use and communicate ethically online within Academy & legal guidelines to become a successful, confident social media communicator to better serve your patients.

Learning Objectives – Participants will be able to:

1. Identify personal and professional traits, strengths and expertise to help create a professional nutrition brand, which patients can benefit from.

2. Recognize the current social media platforms; purpose and differences between each platform; professional ethics, legalities and communication “language” for social media platforms;

3. Select best social media outlets to match specific areas of practice, strengths, skills, experience and expertise;

4. Apply practical applications, tools, tips and resources for developing a social media brand specific to their dietetics area of practice;

5. Take away tools, resources & references for nutrition communications growth.

4. Anticipate next best steps by understanding the trends and future of social media markets.

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International Congress of Dietetics

Capetown, South Africa

September 15-18, 2020

Please plan to attend to our symposia during ICD 2020

Global Dietitian Initiatives- IAAND Colleagues Advance Professional Practice

  • Prof Rubina Hakeem, College of Home Economics (Pakistan)
  • Ms Tatyana ElKour, Independent Consultant (Jordan)
  • Prof Winnie Chee, International Medical University (Malaysia)
  • Dr Elin Lovestem, Uppsala University (Sweden)

Advancement of dietetics and international collaboration are important to dietetics professionals.   This session will highlight accomplishments regarding the implementation of the Nutrition Care Process and the concept of conducting a needs assessment to identify highest priority projects for a geographical region.

By the end of this session:

1.  Participants will ascertain the process to conduct and use regional dietetics and nutrition needs assessment similar to the MEDNA project

2.   Participants will be able to apply strategies for promoting the use of NCP/T tailored according to their country’s needs

3.  Identify opportunities for international collaboration with IAAND

ICD - 2020

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