Get involved in IAAND!

There are several ways you can participate with IAAND. Currently, there are three (3) ways you can participate. You can become a Member, Supporter, or Subscriber. Please read below to see which opportunity is right for you.

Academy Member with IAAND Affiliate

Members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are automatically assigned to a “state” affiliate. IAAND serves as the international equivalent for members outside the United States. However, you have the freedom to choose your designated affiliate state.

Information on applying to be an International Member is provided on the Academy website.   The application materials to become an international member are as follows:

International Membership Brochure

International Member Application Form

International Student Member Application Form

Verification statement for both International Members and Student Members

If you are already an Academy member in the U.S. and you decide that IAAND’s goals and activities align better with your interests than your U.S. geographical affiliate, you can select IAAND as your “state” and relinquish your membership tied to a specific U.S. state. To request a change, simply contact the Academy at 1-800-877-1600 ext 500 (or +1-312-899-1600 ext 5000), or email and ask to switch your state affiliate to IAAND.

IAAND Supporter

Are you an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member who wants to keep your U.S. “state” affiliate while enjoying certain IAAND membership benefits? Become a supporter!

There is an annual fee of $35 USD ($25 USD for students) for an annual IAAND membership.

Please note that as a supporter, you won’t have voting rights in IAAND elections or be eligible for elected IAAND leadership positions. However, you can still contribute by serving on committees and task forces.


If you’re not eligible to become a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, don’t worry! You can still access valuable benefits from IAAND on an individual basis.

We currently offer three (3) subscriptions. Webinar, Email Newsletters, and Country Information Sheets. You can sign up for any number of these subscriptions that interest you.

Each subscription is priced at $10 USD per year, with pricing tiers based on your country. To learn more about these benefits and sign up, please visit our subscription page.

IAAND Webinar Subscription

Gain access to informative webinars covering various nutrition and dietetics topics. Cost is $10/year or less (depending on your country).

IAAND Newsletter Subscription

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, research, and insights through our informative newsletters. Cost is $10/year (or less, depending on your country).

IAAND Country Information Sheets

Get access to valuable information specific to your country, including guidelines, resources, and relevant data. Cost is $10/year (or less, depending on your country).

Frequently Asked Questions


To be a member of IAAND you first need to be a member of the Academy.

To be a supporter of IAAND you need to be a member of the Academy and be affiliated with another affiliate group (e.g. Florida). Being an IAAND supporter is like being a member of a DPG or MIG while maintaining your state affiliate.

If you are not eligible to become a member of the Academy, consider being a  Subscriber to some of our non-member products (e.g. newsletters, country information sheets, or webinars).  


Only members and supporters of IAAND have access to our forum.

As a member you can “join” a Forum on the Members Only page under “Get Involved”


An IAAND supporter is anyone who is interested in international dietetics and nutrition issues and would like to be involved with IAAND, but is already an Academy member who would like to maintain a different state affiliate membership but also be involved with IAAND.


An IAAND subscriber is anyone who is interested in international dietetics and nutrition issues and would like access certain IAAND resources, but IS NOT eligible to become an Academy member. Currently, you can subscribe to Webinars, Newsletters, and Country Information Sheets.

How can I join the IAAND Google Group?

If you are a Member and would like an invitation to the IAAND Google Group, please click here.