2020 Awards and Research Grants

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is accepting applications for our 2020 Awards and Research Grants. With 27 awards and 7 research grants available, a wide range of opportunities exist for credentialed food and nutrition practitioners at all levels of practice and students at all levels of study.

Available applications include continuing education, recognition, program development, and international awards as well as grants for research in food service management, breastfeeding and infant feeding practices, diabetes medical nutrition therapy, and more.

Applications can be accessed within the Foundation’s application portal by clicking here, or by visiting the awards or grants pages. Emailed and hard-copy applications will not be accepted or considered for funding. All applications have a deadline of February 1, 2020, at 11:59 pm (Central Time), unless otherwise indicated.

Any questions should be directed to Elisha Reichling, MS, RDN, LDN, Foundation Program Coordinator, at ereichling@eatright.org.

Educational Stipends

Twice annually, IAAND competitively selects member applications to receive one of the following three educational stipend awards to attend or present at a food/nutrition-related educational event, such as a conference or workshop:

(1) One $500 student member stipend to attend an event,

(2) One $500 non-student member stipend to attend an event, and

(3) One $1,000 stipend for a member from any membership category to present at an event.

To be considered for an educational stipend, applicants must meet membership criteria, have completed the application form according to the guidelines, and have not been awarded a stipend within the past three year. All stipends are awarded in USD after the event has occurred and only after all stipend awardee requirements have been fulfilled.

To download the application, which includes the applicant criteria and awardee requirements, click HERE. All applications must be submitted online.  NOTE:   To access application you must first LOG IN as a member.

For an educational event held between June 1st and December 31st, the application deadline is April 30th.

For an educational event held between January 1st and May 31st, the application deadline is November 30th.

For more information about this award, please contact the  Nominating/Awards Committee Chair at NCC@iaand.org

IAAND International Project Award (through Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation)

The purpose of this fund is to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and skills among food and nutrition professionals in the international community. An award will be given to IAAND members who intend to work in partnership with another food or nutrition professional on a project that will benefit the local community of one of the individuals. The premise is that the IAAND member and colleague will have somewhat different knowledge and skill sets that, when brought together, will serve to fulfill a special project.

  • Award amount: $3,000
  • See description under +Awards
  • Complete application on-line
  • Deadline for submissions before Feb 10 each year

Selection Criteria are:

  • International collaboration (20 points)
  • Project merit and relevance to local community (20 points)
  • Methodology clearly described (30 points)
  • Feasibility of completing project within award budgetary limit (20 points)
  • Plans for dissemination of findings (10 points)