Educational Stipend

IAAND is proud to offer  $500.00 USD Educational Stipends  to members who would like to attend a food/nutrition related conference and $1000 for members who are presenting. Awardees are members who qualify for the stipend and complete the application form according to the guidelines. IAAND members are encouraged to read about the criteria to see if they qualify for the stipend. To download the application (which includes the criteria), click HERE. All applications are submitted online.

For a conference held between Jul 1st –Dec 301h, the deadline for applying is May 31

For a conference between January 1st  – May 31s, the deadline for applying is  Nov 30

For more information about this award, please contact the IAAND Member Services Chair at

American Overseas Dietetic Association International Project Award

(Soon to be called ” International Affiliate of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics International Project Award”)

The purpose of this fund is to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and skills among food and nutrition professionals in the international community. An award will be given to IAAND members who intend to work in partnership with another food or nutrition professional on a project that will benefit the local community of one of the individuals. The premise is that the IAAND member and colleague will have somewhat different knowledge and skill sets that, when brought together, will serve to fulfill a special project.

Selection Criteria are:

  • Project’s merit and relevance of the proposed project to the local community;
  • Appropriateness of budget;
  • Feasibility of completing the project within budgetary and time limits; and
  • Plans to submit abstract