Annual Report to IAAND Members

FY 2018-2019

The IAAND Board of Directors and Leadership Team have accomplished a great deal during this past year.  Below are the highlights:

  • The Nominating/Awards Committee lead by Past President Camella Rising was renewed and evaluated the applicants for two cycles of educational stipends, annual IAAND awards, and presented a full ballot for the BOD approval for both elected (Board of Directors) and appointed Leadership Team positions.


  • The International Projects led by Terezie Mosby with support from Romina as President Elect worked diligently to complete the pilot for evaluation of large IAAND projects. Some of the landmark accomplishments include the commitment to continued development of an application and review process for large IAAND funded projects (up to $10k).  For the first time we used an application process with a separate peer review process to evaluate the proposed concepts.  Two of the five concepts presented for evaluation were asked to submit a full proposal for consideration as a funded IAAND project during this coming year.  In addition, the BOD decided to ask a special task force to evaluate the organization and policies/procedures and best practices based on what we learned during our pilot year.  We also committed to support the Academy and Foundation as they develop the pilot for the Global Certified Trainers.


  • Jamie Wise successfully managed the acceptance of the three KidsEatright International mini-grants and posting of results on the website. IAAND provided in-kind support for the Academy Foundation funded Middle East Dietetics and Nutrition Advocacy (MEDNA) Building Support for Dietitians/Nutritionists Project being led by Tatyana El Kour and the Diversity Tip Sheets being developed by Prajakta Khare-Ranade.  Applicants were solicited from Spanish speaking countries for the next round of KERI mini-grants.  Accomplishments and KERI messages were disseminated throughout the website, newsletter, social media and monthly e-news.  KERI supported awareness for the International School Meals Day, March 14,2019


  • Developed the non-member products for testing that include offerings for annual Webinar subscription, annual Newsletter subscription, annual subscription to Country Information Sheets. The pricing is based on a tiered system to adjust prices in US$ to an appropriate price based on The International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHAD) tiers.  This will be evaluated at the end of Romina’s year as President.


  • The Country Representative program has become a centerpiece of our member benefits. A focus has been on ensuring that the Country Information Sheets are current and offering a new opportunity for CRs to apply for a mini-grant funding to support regional networking events.  Five updated Country Information Sheets were posted this year for Argentina,  Germany, Turkey, Sweden, and United Kingdom,  This year Hong Kong and Pakistan were awarded mini-grants to support regional networking.  Networking was one of the top benefits of membership.  At end of the year there were 43 Country Representatives.


  • A special initiative was started to explore and pilot test training for public relations and as a IAAND Media Representative. Lisa Dorfman is using her extensive background in public relations and media spokesperson to evaluate the interest, define what the program parameters and select applicants for the first pilot testing of the IAAND media training.  This initiative will continue this next year with new energy added by Sylva Klinger who will work with Lisa.


  • Strategic Communications area under Joanna Cummings leadership worked diligently to ensure that the monthly E-News and Passport included highlights of interest to our members. Despite losing one of our newsletter-co-chairs, Ariana Haidari was phenomenal in keeping our newsletters on track.  In the spring Maria Vitullio really energized the Facebook social media presence using an annual calendar of topics and other current information.  Our webmaster, Luciana Ambrosia, took ownership of updating the IAAND website and a major accomplishment was uploading the newsletters and passports to be sure they are readily available after they are disseminated by email.  Other changes included simplifying the landing page and incorporating the non-member subscription offerings.  Sylvia Klinger, our member Services Chair, oversaw the member value survey to gather information about which benefits are most valued by our members and helped publicize our membership benefits at EFAD and ACD.


  • Our Secretary/Treasurer, Kristen Heitman kept us on track all year with assistance from our Executive Director. New metrics for displaying our financial status were developed to use in the future.  We are in a strong financial position with total assets that include an investment portfolio, savings account, and checking account for daily operations.  Our levels of savings significantly exceeded our minimum standards and allowed us to invest in one-time expenditures to provide additional benefits.  A clearer process for how on-line motions and polls for voting was developed.  The IAAND Portal for the Leadership Team Community was streamlined to make it easier to find the discussion thread for topics being discussed.  Our Fundraising Chair, Lily Chen, supported the sponsorship of the ACD Cultural Tour by PureCircle, Stevia and has been working toward future opportunities with other sponsors.


  • The Professional Development area with assistance from President-Elect Romina submitted proposals for ICDA meeting in 2020 in South Africa, sessions for FNCE, and supported the IAAND involvement in the Asian Congress of Dietetics. Eight webinars were provided as part of the webinar program.  Varsha Tavardy, Scientific/Conference Chair, has been working diligently to plan the IAAND involvement with the Nutrition and Dietetics Association of the Philippines in Feb of 2020.


  • IAAND involvement in governance of the profession through our House of Delegates Representative, Naomi Trostler, included providing input on bylaw changes to the Academy on what types of criteria would be used to determine eligibility for international membership in the Academy.

Official End   of Year Financial Summary


(To be added in July after FY 2018-2019 records are finalized. )