As the International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  IAAND has over 1200 members and supporters, including student members and supporters, living in more than 79 countries. Members are internationally-minded Active, Student, International, and Retired Academy members, living inside and outside the United States, who practice in a wide variety of settings, including:

Colleges and Universities

Schools and the Community

Local Hospitals and Clinics

Private Practice and Consultation

Industry and Food Service Facilities

Government and Military

Research and Development

Board of Directors and Leadership Team

2016-2017 IAAND Board of Directors and Leadership Team

The Board of Directors (BOD) comprise the elected voting members of the International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. IAAND’s BOD and Leadership Team collectively coordinate the activities of the organization according to the IAAND By-Laws.

Board of Directors

 Elected, voting officers


Marianella Herrera



Esther Myers

United States


Melinda Boyd



Kristen Heitman


House of Delegates Representative

Naomi Trostler


Country Representatives Chair

Lisa Dorfman


Professional Development Chair

Romina Defranchi


Strategic Communications Chair

Joanna Cummings


Leadership Team

 Appointed, non-voting officers

Nominating/Awards Chair



Fundraising Chair

Lily Chen


Student Services Co-Chair

Abi Navarro


Student Services Co-Chair

Kamelia Bujuklieva

United Kingdom

Newsletter Editor

Emmy Steiner


Research Coordinator

Ahlam Badreldin el Shikieri

Saudi Arabia

Scientific Committee/Conference Chair

Halit Tanju Besler


International Projects Coordinator

Terezie Tolar Mosby


Kids Eat Right International Coordinator

Jamie Wise


Social Media Chair

Maria Vitullo


Member Services Chair

Sylvia Klinger


International Public Policy Coordinator

Vacant (Marianella Herrera filling in)


Executive Director

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How to Join

There are two ways in which to join IAAND:

Become a Member

  • A member of the International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and
  • Are not actively involved in your state affiliate
  • Select/change your affiliate any time by doing one of the following:
    Contacting the Academy at 1-800-877-1600 ext 1600 (or +1-312-899-1600 ext 1600) or by emailing membership@eatright.org

Become a Supporter

  • Not a member of the Academy of the Nutrition and Dietetics, or
  • A member of the Academy of the Nutrition and Dietetics but want to maintain your state affiliate and take advantage of IAAND membership benefits*
  • Download the application here
  • A $35 USD/year ($25 USD/year for students) is required for the IAAND membership year, June 1–May 31.

*Supporters may not vote in IAAND elections or serve in elected IAAND leadership positions.


What is IAAND?

The International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (IAAND) is based in the United States. IAAND serves to connect nutrition and dietetic professionals worldwide who are members of the Academy. Members gain access to a listserv, monthly updates, and quarterly newsletters as well as many in-person opportunities to connect at international conferences pertaining to the field of nutrition and dietetics.

How do I join IAAND?

To be a member of IAAND you first need to be a member of the Academy.

How do I join the IAAND listserv?

Only members and supporters of IAAND have access to our listserv. If you are a member or supporter, simply send an email with your full name and Academy ID to aoda-members-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to gain access. If you are having difficulty, please email aodaadmin@eatrightoverseas.org.

What is an IAAND Supporter?

An IAAND supporter is anyone who either is not eligible for Academy membership, but would like to be involved with IAAND, or is an Academy member and would like to be involved with IAAND, but would like to maintain a different state affiliate.