IAAND Meet-up at ICND – June 12 – Elm Street Lounge 7:30 p.m.

Hello all,

There have been RSVPs from 8 people plus IAAND President, Judy Beto, IAAND President Elect Zenaida Velasco and myself for the meet up Wednesday evening following the Welcome Reception that is scheduled until 7:30 pm.  Our first choice for the gathering is the Elm Street Lounge in the lobby.  If anything changes we will send an updated message to you tomorrow.

We have 6 poster/ presentations that we know of from IAAND members:

June 12 – 10:30- Zenaida Velasco – Queens Quay 1-2  -10:30 hrs- PEP for Success in the Licensure Examinations

June 12 – 12:00 – Hung Nguyen Ngoc – Poster– Health Professionals’ Perspectives on Telenutrition Adoption: A Survey in Vietnam

June 12 – 1:00 – Harbour A -Stacia Nordin-Supporting SFS Networks in your National Dietetic Association

June 12 – 11:30 -Shinta Nishioka – Poster -Association of Nutritional Assessment with Weight Loss in Rehabilitation Wards

June 14 – 11:30 -Wantanee Kriengsinyos-Poster-Nutrient profiles of commercial complementary foods available in Thailand

June 14 -11:30 – Hung Nguyen Ngoc – Poster – Potassium Content in  Products Bearing Sodium Claims and Healthier Choice

See you tomorrow evening

Esther F Myers

Esther F Myers, PhD, RDN, FAND, USAF Col, Ret

Director, Nutrition Care Professionals

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Dialogue on Nutrition Care Process

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IAAND House of Delegates Representative