Minute 37 

Minute 58

 1 Hr 15 Minutes

 1 Hr 22 Minutes

 1 Hr 32 Minutes

 2 Hr 7 Minutes

 2 Hr 22 Minutes


-Opening Ceremony Welcome – Dr Nivedita, Amrita Hospital Department Chair

– Dr Varsha, IINS and IIAND Past President           

-IAAND History, Mission, Vision, Membership & Leadership Opportunities – Dr Ahlam El Shikieri, IAAND President

-IAAND International Projects – KERI – Dr Judith Beto, IAAND President Elect

-Scope of Professional Development for India through IAAND – Dr Sylvia Klinger, IAAND Professional Development Chair

 -VUCA – Exploring Collaboration – Dr Esther Myers, IAAND House of Delegates

-Introduction of Country Representatives and Plan of Action for India – Dr Rupal Shah, IAAND Country Representative Chair

– IAAND Website and Social Media Platforms – Dr Zenaida Velasco, IAAND Strategic Communications Chair


Minute 15

Minute 40

1 Hr 2 Minutes

-Education Stipends. Scholarships, and Fellowships/ Awards – Dr Melisa Karabeyodu, IAAND Executive Director

-Indian Dietetic Practice Audit – Dr Shanthi – IAAND International Project Award Recipient

-TIP SHEETS – Plan for India – Dr Prajakta Ranade – Recipient of International Project Funding

-Nutripreneurship – Dr Zenaida Velasco


1 Hour

1 Hr 25 Minutes

1 Hr 48 Minutes

2 Hr 9 Minutes



Research Poster Presentations

-Sustainable Food Consumption and Nutrition – Dr Rubina Hakeem

-Renal Nutrition Latest Guidelines and Cultural Adaptation – Dr Judith Beto

-IDEA – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access – Concept to Implementation – Dr Ahlam El Shikieri

-Nutrition Ambassador – Elevate your Brand with Effective Media Communication – Dr Sylva Klinger



Minute 58

1 Hr 58 Minutes 


–Research Posters

–Workshop:  Dietitians and Physicians:  Building Collaboration not Competition Using the NCP

        —Introduction – Dr Rupal Shah

        —Ethics – Dr Karen Lacey


 1 Hr 57 Minutes 

2 hrs 30 Minutes

 -Workshop:  Dietitians and Physicians:  Building Collaboration Not Competition – Dr Esther Myers and IAAND team

-Breastfeeding Critically Ill and Special Needs Infants – Dr Varsha

-Targeting Stunting in Impoverished Mountain Communities with Nutrition and Technology – Mr John Casillas