Telenutrition: Application in Dietetics Practice Driven by COVID

Telenutrition: Application in Dietetics Practice Driven by COVID

LIVE WEBINAR DATE: October 7, 2021
SPEAKER: Esther F Myers, PhD, RDN, FAND

As virtual nutrition services transform the healthcare space, what do you, the Registered Dietitian, need to know? Learn about the evidence and best practices for telenutrition and more in IAAND’s  webinar, “Telenutrition: Application in Dietetics Practice Driven by COVID”.

Join renown dietitian, researcher, author, and educator Esther Myers, PhD, RDN, FAND to discover what telenutrition is and how the implementation of telenutrition practices were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. After attending this webinar, participants will also walk away with an increased understanding of how to apply the different steps of the Nutrition Care Process during their telenutrition practices.

Learning codes: 

  • 1020  Computer, electronic technology
  • 1070  Leadership, critical thinking and strategic thinking
  • 7180  Strategic Planning
  • 9020  Evaluation and application of research

Performance indicators:

  • 1.2 Applies understanding of informatics terminology and input and output devices (e.g. laptop, smartphone, flash drive)
  • 3.2 Maintains security and confidentiality in the electronic sharing, transmission, storage and destruction of information.
  • 1.2 Interprets and integrates evidence-based research and literature in decision making
  • 2.8 Identifies and implements a plan to address the problem, issue or challenge

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand common definition of telenutrition
  2. Apply existing Evidence Analysis Library systematic review findings to plan for telenutrition
  3. Identify practices that changed when shifting quickly to telenutrition during the COVID pandemic (US and Australian experiences)
  4. Identify key practice design principles for telenutrition that ensure that the entire 4 step Nutrition Care Process can be accomplished

Speaker Bio: 

Esther F Myers, PhD, RDN, FAND

Esther Myers in an internationally known author, lecturer, educator and researcher in dietetics and evidence analysis. She was the 2018-2019 President of International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (IAAND) and Secretary/Treasurer from 2016-2017. Dr Myers currently serves as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics House of Delegates Representative from IAAND. Dr Myers is Adjunct Faculty for North Dakota State University. Esther is also CEO of EF Myers Consulting and Director of Nutrition Care Professionals, Pty, Ltd. She serves as an advisor to the Indian Institute of Nutrition Science. Her consulting focuses on international practice-based research, evidence analysis, Nutrition Care Process and Model (NCPM) and Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT). Dr Myers was instrumental in the development of the Evidence Analysis Library (including the project evaluating telenutrition) and the Nutrition Care Process and Model and the NCPT, the standardized language system for nutrition care and electronic health records, during her 11 year tenure as Chief Science Officer for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). Dr Myers worked with many countries when as they began their journey to implement the Nutrition Care Process (e.g. Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, and India). Dr Myers led the effort to develop the Evidence Analysis Library and Evidence Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines while at the Academy. Among other dietetics outcomes studies, she was the PI for the Dietetics in India Nutrition Guideline Study (DINGS) and co PI for the Middle East Nutrition and Dietetics Needs Assessment (MEDNA) and the International Diabetes Outcome Study (IDOS) in Lebanon, Israel and Turkey. She is currently collaborating on a research project to conduct a clinical dietetics practice audit in India. Prior to working at AND, Dr Myers retired from the United States Air Force after 25 years. Her career culminated in serving as the Consultant to the USAF Surgeon General for Nutrition and Dietetics. During her military career she served in the Philippines for 2 years and was consultant to hospitals in Germany and Lajes, Azores. Esther graduated from Kansas State University, Ohio State University, and North Dakota State University.

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