Exploring the Benefits of Traditional Japanese Foods and Mindfulness on Health and Longevity

Exploring the Benefits of Traditional Japanese Foods and Mindfulness on Health and Longevity

Live Webinar Date: May 18th, 2021
Speakers: Michiko Tomioka, MBA, RDN

Event Info:

Want to learn more about how traditional mindful eating techniques are linked to improved health outcomes? Curious to watch a live cooking demo showing the preparation of traditional Japanese vegan cuisine?

All this and more will be featured in IAAND’s latest free webinar, “Exploring the Benefits of Traditional Japanese Foods and Mindfulness on Health and Longevity” with registered dietitian Michiko Tomioka, MBA, RDN, IPNCP on May 18th at 11 AM EST. After attending this webinar, participants will become more familiar with traditional Japanese foods such as natto and seaweed, learn more about the ancient practice of hara hachi bu and its link to longevity, and discover simple preparations of Japanese shojin ryori foods through a live cooking demo!

Participants will earn 1 CPEU.

Learning codes: 

  • 1040 – Cultural Sensitivity
  • 5000 – Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • 8060 – Culinary Skills and Techniques

Performance indicators:

  • 1.4.6: Uses socially and culturally appropriate strategies in order to respect diverse cultures and values
  • 8.1.3: Integrates knowledge of macronutrients and micronutrients for absorption, digestion and metabolism throughout the life span in practice.
  • 8.4.1: Plans and designs nutritionally sound meals, menus and meal plans that meet customer needs and demand and that promote health and disease management.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the relationship between Japanese traditions and authentic Japanese cuisine
  2. Describe how traditional Japanese mindful eating (hara hachibu) and foods such as fermented foods, green tea, and soy products are related to long-term wellness
  3. Learn simple Japanese vegan cooking (shojin ryori) with tofu, seaweed, and natto

Speaker Bio: 

Michiko Tomioka, MBA, RDN, IPNCP – Michiko is a Registered Dietitian raised on daily medication and meals of tofu and seaweed in Nara, Japan. Throughout her unique journey as a mother, telecommunications researcher, caregiver, and nutritionist in clinical, community and educational settings, she has experienced the limitations of modern medicine and food systems. These own struggles led her to rediscover the value of ancestral wisdom for wellness.  She currently provides nutritional consultations at a recovery center in New Jersey while sharing plant based whole food cooking, nutrition education, and mindfulness in her community.  She is an active participant of Urasenke Chado in Manhattan and the Center for Mind, Body, and Medicine (CMBM).

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Password to access webinar: Mindfulness&Foods

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Eligible for CPE until May 18, 2024 (three years from date of presentation)


This activity is recorded as described by the Commission of Dietetic Registration in the United States as Activity 175 .

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