Enhancing Whole Grain Consumption Through the Power of Oats Copy

Enhancing Whole Grain Consumption Through the Power of Oats
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DATE: December 16, 2019


  • Chair: Jeffrey Zachwieja, PhD, PepsiCo
  • Kevin Maki, PhD, President and Chief Science Officer of MB Clinical Research and Consulting, LLC
  • Eleanor Beck, PhD, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Wollongong, Australia


Kevin Maki, PhD is the President and Chief Science Officer of MB Clinical Research and Consulting, LLC. He specializes in the design and conduct of clinical studies in human nutrition, metabolism and chronic disease risk factor management.  Maki also holds Adjunct Faculty positions at DePaul University and Illinois Institute of Technology.  He is a Fellow of the National Lipid Association, The Obesity Society and the American College of Nutrition, as well as a certified Clinical Lipid Specialist and Vice President of the Board of Governors of the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology. Dr. Maki has participated in more than 250 clinical trials and observational studies as an investigator, consultant or statistician, and has published more than 200 scientific papers, books and book chapters. He earned a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health, and an M.S. in Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiovascular Health from Benedictine University.  He lectures nationally and internationally on the roles of genetics and lifestyle in the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus, lifestyle and pharmaceutical interventions for cardiometabolic disease prevention and management, and the strengths and limitations of observational studies and clinical trials in the evaluation of exposures related to chronic disease risk.

Professor Eleanor Beck is Discipline Leader in Nutrition and Dietetics in the School of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. Eleanor has more than 25 years of experience in clinical practice and dietetics education. Eleanor was part of the expert working group for the recent reviews of the National Competency Standards for Dietitians and the Advanced Accrediting Practising Dietitian and Fellow competency standards. Her clinical research includes close links with dietetics service delivery in hospitals, while working with industry partners and international collaborators in grains research. Current projects include review of both individual grains and fibres, as well as cereal fibre and whole grains generally, and their effects on metabolic health. Eleanor is also Deputy Chair of the Council of Deans of Nutrition and Dietetics (ANZ) and the Chair of the Australia New Zealand Steering Committee for the NNEdPro group. NNEdPro (Need for Nutrition Education and Promotion) is a University of Cambridge based think tank, part of a global network to promote nutrition teaching and research in health professions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be aware of the full range of potential health benefits of whole grain oats
  2. Be informed of the potential role of oats in maintaining metabolic health
  3. Walk away with an understanding of applied nutrition and ways to enhance recommendation of oats

Learning codes: 

  • 2020, 4040, 8015

Performance indicators:

  • 4.1.4, 4.1.5, 6.1.2, 6.3.5

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Eligible for CPE until December 16, 2022 (three years from date of presentation)


This activity is recorded as described by the Commission of Dietetic Registration in the United States as Activity 175 .

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